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 My dreams were answered.....or at least one was!

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USN DevilDolphin

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Location : Coatesville, IN
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PostSubject: My dreams were answered.....or at least one was!   Sat 11 Sep 2010 - 23:58

So as some of you may remember me saying in the past that once I go home to Indiana, I was pretty much going to be limited to chasing in my state only due to my involvement with my fire department and such involvement requiring blue emergency lights. Well that restriction is no more (once I talk one of you into letting me borrow a couple thousand dollars!). Brand new recently, Whelen industries has just released their new 100% dual color LED lightbar! It is the same LED lightbar I currently have, however, my current bar is all blue. This lightbar has the ability to change (in my case) from all blue to all amber with just the flip of a switch which will allow me to leave the state as long as the bar is switched over to amber mode. Unfortunatley, there are a couple minor changes, such as internal programming, so I cant just convert mine, but must buy the whole bar again. LOL, I know to most of you, your probably saying "big deal" but this is big for me, cause once I can afford it (using a couple of my VA disability checks or a loan from one of you all lol! ), I will be purchasing this, thus no longer limiting me to just Indiana for chasing! On the webpage in the link, they show a price of $1,142.99, but that is just for the basic 4 corner model. The one I would get would be the full 14 head with side alley (flood) and front take down (flood) lights which will bring the price to well over $2000. Cant wait!

Brian Ervin
Chase 9
Volunteer Firefighter (back home in Indiana)
FFI & II, Firemedic I & II, Fire Instructor I, II, & III, NIMS First Responder Awareness & Ops, Waterfront Lifeguard, AED, CPR, Military EVOC Instructor, Skywarn Trained (Summer '06)
US. Navy Veteran
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PostSubject: Re: My dreams were answered.....or at least one was!   Sun 12 Sep 2010 - 8:04

Brian, Thats a pretty cool lightbar. I would like to be able to switch colors like that.

Chase 1
F/F Level IV & Rescue Technician II
UMD- Maryland Fire & Rescue Institute
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My dreams were answered.....or at least one was!
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